Professioner online marketers most especially the affiliate marketers understand the power of video marketing. However, most newbies who are just going into the business world don’t know the power of video marketing. What you need to know is that marketing is a very important aspect of any start-up and already thriving business because it’s an act that creates awareness of your company products / Services, Location of the business and every other necessary detail required of the company. So, video marketing is one of the ways you can easily create a business brand name for yourself.

The essence of marketing in any kind of establishment cannot be overemphasized. It ensures that you always have a hungry crowd who are willing to patronize your business daily. I tell you any business establishment that has not put a good marketing strategy in place would hit the rocks. Years ago the advent of radio advertisement brought about awareness of products we couldn’t find within our locality and can easily be found in a nearby community however what that did to us was just to have the knowledge of an existing product, company and where to purchase it without me and you get to know the exact size, color, shape and what its packaged with e.g a nylon wrap, plastic pack or a paper box pack. Over the years we begin to experience technological advancement and Boom! Our worries and doubt about products and services became lessened, how? VIDEO ADVERTISEMENT or VIDEO MARKETING.

Video Marketing done in a right way.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the act of showcasing your products /service visually for customers/ clients or Consumers to have a clear knowledge and understanding of what they want to purchase.

What makes a good Video Marketing?

As a video marketer, you have to be very creative, innovative and be consistent in creating video contents. However, before you go into Video marketing, it is imperative to know what strategies required for your shooting to pull the crowd. Bellow is what I call


  • A catchy headline
  • Make your video stream live
  • Recognize your Audience
  • Call out your Audience( Plead)
  • Ensure your video stands out.

A Catchy Headline: The first aspect of a successful real estate video marketing is the Title or the headline. You have to be creative with your title, you don’t want to use a boring title because it would be difficult to have views talk more likes when such happens, therefore, be creative.

Make your Video stream live: Video marketing requires consistency in the number of listing video you could release either daily or monthly depending on how often you intend to make posts, you could use your first video to pull crowd for the next by informing your audience about the next time you would be making another video of another exquisite property. Live streaming of videos is an important tool for video marketing. Streaming your video live, is a unique way of making your video rank fast on youtube, and this helps you to have more views and even helps to grow your subscribers. Always inform your prospects about the time of your next video and give them a few tips about the topic you will be treated in your next video and kindly ask them to join you live on youtube. Trust me you will be amazed at how this works wonders.

Recognize your audience: At the beginning of your video, say a word of appreciation to your audience” Hi guys I’m back again, thanks for viewing my last video and thanks for the thumbs up” that simple sentence goes a long way in video marketing. Make your viewers feel more important.

Call out your audience: your first audience is your family and friends so take time to mention them in the cause of your video. “Thanks for watching Mum, I love you”.Then you could ask your audience to like your video, subscribe to the youtube channel, and press the bell to get notified when next you upload a new video.

Ensure your Video stands out: This aspect deals with what equipment you need for your video shooting you don’t want to miss-represent the product you are marketing with some dull or un-professional stuff. Clear and meaningful videos with high qualities must be made. You also need to use a quality photo for your tunnel. You can also customize your videos by adding Intro and Outro to it. Adding Intro and Outro to your videos makes them unique and fully customized for you.

Check out how you can use Video Marketing to start or improve affiliate marketing business

Video Marketing is the king of social media.

The Essential 3 Es of Video Marketing

There is no way you will go into video marketing without having good knowledge about the “Essential 3 Es Of Video Marketing”. Listed below are the 3 Es of video marketing:

1. Engage

2. Entertain

3. Educate.

The major purpose of Video marketing is for you to create a community of subscribers for yourself. After building your audience you need to know how to keep and maintain them and you can easily do this by applying the 3 Es of video marketing. When making your videos, always have it in mind that your video must be able to Engage your Audience, Entertain and Educate them. Just as we know that consistency in creating video is very important in video marketing, we should know that all videos created must be good enough to serve the purpose of the 3 Es of video marketing.

Avoid the Following in Video Marketing

Consistently creating quality video contents are very important in keeping your audience in video marketing; this helps you to be an authority in your Niche. However, you must know that there are Dons that you need to consider before going into Video marketing, this will help you to avoid some mistakes before you start creating your videos. We have so many, but I will be highlighting a few important ones;

The Don’ts Of Video Marketing

  • You don’t have to brag, just let your audience know the real you.
  • Self-promotion should be avoided
  • Don’t fake it with your Audience
  • Don’t use a bad photo for your tunnel
  • Avoid using Bad lighting
  • Avoid bad sound

Always be yourself, don’t be afraid of moving out of your shell to start your video marketing. See yourself as an expert in the field, and be ready to educate your audience. It is good to make a good video with basic equipment. You can show your audience some of your products, and give a convincing explanation about it. Your videos are meant to explain your products or services to the potential customer. So, you must show your audience some available properties you have in your care once in a while. Seeing how a property is can help you to convert your audience into customers. So, learning to make videos to explain what you are selling will easily help in building a good customer base.

Video Marketing is more productive than other forms of marketing.
87% Of Marketers Use Video Marketing

How do I start my video marketing?

Let me remind you that almost everyone out there on YouTube has asked this question at one point or the other. A lot of things have contributed to this question.

  • People are scared of how they look.
  • What to say.
  • Which platform to start my marketing.
  • The device or equipment to use for the video.

I would start by telling you that in video marketing, you need to be 100% honest because that is the basis of your transactions. You don’t want to tell a prospect a product that is not of good value. Also, your looks shouldn’t stop you of making your video, do your thing just the way you are and who knows your first lead might just be captivated by whichever way you look.

Like I said earlier about content creation, knowing what to say in the video has to do with how much content you have prepared. Therefore the fears of knowing what to say is not an excuse for making a marketing video rather have your assignment worked out.

Many successful video marketers who have their names printed in the heart of their viewers have at a point asked what platform to start their video marketing? Hello! Start from any social media or every social media that allows you to upload videos where your friends can see, like, share, and subscribe and the time to start is now. Enough of the questions, the fears, it’s now time to swing into action.

Your Android phone and your closest pal would be your first equipment. Do you want to start video marketing? You don’t need to panic on what equipment to use in other to create a beautiful video. Let me announce to you that, you only need your smartphone and like I mentioned earlier, run to the person who could help you hold your phone whichever way you go and you are on your way to make success.

Looking good is very important while doing your presentation, but your look should not stop you from starting your video marketing, the truth is, most people care less about the way you look, your main purpose of making a video is to showcase your product to people, for instance, a realtor should be more focused on showing an existing property that needs to be leased or sold and what his audience wants to see is the property, so, every detail given about it must be true.

They will like to know if is it truly at the location listed? Does it have a Jacuzzi and a pool has stated in the advert? These are all they need to know, so, instead of paying much attention to your look, I think what you should focus on is making sure that people are not going to see the exact opposite of your description.

Action plans

  • Choose your Niche
  • Prepare your content
  • Create your first video
  • Make additional video contents 6 – 10 per week
  • Do these things regularly and you will breakthrough in your video marketing?

Finally, you have all that you need to get started now, so, what you need to do is to act now. Do your research well, and make use of the available resources you have around you to start today.

I wish you the very best! Thanks

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